Day Tours Grenada.

We offer several day tours in Grenada.

One of the advantages of visiting Grenada is that there are so many tourism destinations that you can literally visit for a day.

We offer a number of different day or half day tours to some of the amazing tourism destinations in Grenada. Here are some of the places you can visit during your day in Grenada:

Annandale Waterfall tour.

The Annandale is one of the closest waterfalls to St.George,the capital of Grenada. You will have the perfect sightseeing experience during the visit to these magnificent waterfalls.

The entire trip to the Annandale waterfall lasts for about 3 hours however we can always customize this experience and add more destinations.

Clarke’s court Rum distillery.

Grenada is renowned in the Carribbean for this rum production. The Clarke’s court Rum distillery has been in operation since 1935 and during this great tour, you will learn more about the different process of making rum.

In addition, tourists have the chance to taste the different rum products.

Belmont Estate.

During the tour to the Belmont Estate, you will have the chance to visit some of the best cocoa farms on the island where you will learn more about how cocoa farming. You will witness the process of turning the cocoa beans into chocolate.

There are different chocolate products from Belmont and apart from cocoa, you will visit the museum, goat diary farm, arts and crafts co-operative and much more.

Gouvaye Nutmeg processing station.

This is one of the largest nutmeg processing factories in Carribbean. Visitor will have in depth information about Nutmeg  such as processing and  exporting of nutmeg. Visitors get to know how Grenada became the “Isle of spice”.

Grand Etang National Park.

The Grand Etang Rainforest acts as the foundation for Grenada’s best and highest hiking and trekking adventures. Visitors can feed bananas to the Mona monkeys, feed the fish in the Grand Etang Lake, and relax in the cool rainforest breeze to the beautiful sounds of Grenada’s variety of birds.

We have other tours going to different destinations such as Leaper’s hill, Spice Market, River Antoine Estate, seven sisters waterfalls, Sulfur springs and the carenage.

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